Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Free Parking Available in Back!

We understand parking is difficult to find in Cleveland Park, especially with the Cleveland Park Streetscape and Drainage Improvement project commencing last week. To help curb that, we have two free parking spaces available in the alleyway directly behind our shop. Parking is ONLY available Monday-Friday between 7:00-9;45 in the morning, and 4:15 until 6:30 in the afternoon/evening. You can also call us at (202) 966-6574 and we can come out to you in the alleyway at ANY time (in addition to our regular free curbside pick-up/delivery in front our store.

See below for a few photos to give you a better idea of where the spaces are.

Turn left off Macomb St. (from Connecticut Ave.)

About 50' on the left

You made it!